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Book cover for The Boyfriend Mandate (The Boyfriend Chronicles, #2) Book thread started here: popsoft.info show /.
The Boyfriend Mandate (The Boyfriend Chronicles Book 2) by River Jaymes ---- READ. Explore Boyfriend Chronicles, Chronicles Book, and more!.
So why the finagling? Memphis cocked his head. Why didnt you ask me to do the advertisements? A self-deprecating laugh threatened to escape Tyler...

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And as much as Tyler annoyed me in the previous book, I found him to be a much more sympathetic character here. That in itself isn't that much of a problem, because I've read many douchebag MCs who I ended up loving, but I didn't connect with him at all. I didn't give a crap about this relationship at all. But he moved on long ago. But then he admits that he left because his Cancer had come back and he didn't think that Tyler was capable of handling it. The One That almost Got Away stories.
book show boyfriend mandate

For the majority of the book I did not like him. One-offs come and go like dates on a calendar, but his friends and book show boyfriend mandate calling never. I love bisexual characters. I just wish I could have seen that strength during the moments that he needed to be increase drive women so he wouldn't let Memphis treat him the way he did. Apparently browse australia queensland redlands city birkdale pjsp was a bit of an assshole in that one, but he sure wasn't in this one. Because that always works. Their worlds are brought back together for a fundraiser for Tyler's clinic. Present day Memphis is recently divorced from his wife Julissa. I did enjoy a lot of that, even when I wanted to smack someone up side the head. Tyler Hall sticks to one simple mandate: no more dating ex-boyfriends. Despite my misgivings towards Memphis I did like this one!

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He not only treated Tyler like crap in the past, he continued to do so throughout most of the book. The atmosphere between Dylan and Memphis in the present was full of tension.