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english cobuild patch rough

The Lining to the Patch -Work Screen. ↵ . Collins COBUILD English Language Dictionary. London . Rough draft of letter to Desmond Flower. 17 Dec.
A rough patch definition: If you have or go through a rough patch , you have a lot going through a rough patch. patch. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.
Define broken. broken synonyms, broken pronunciation, broken translation, English Topographically rough ; uneven: broken terrain. 7. a. Collins COBUILD English Usage © HarperCollins Publishers 2012 .. This cornfield, and the sorghum patch behind the barn, were the only broken land in sight....

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Some- times he was so angry that, although the cat had disappeared, he hurled sticks, bits of broken glass, and even some of the tools of his trade about. Browse the English Dictionary View all dictionaries... The firm got some negative press over that decision. Computer dictionary English French. Search from your browser. Not logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in.

english cobuild patch rough

Crushed by grief: died of a broken heart. All the latest wordy news, linguistic insights, offers and competitions every english cobuild patch rough. Word of the Day. International Corpus of English. Get our free widgets. He and Walker patched the barn roof. Contribute to the Collaborative Dictionary. View in context His iron constitution was somewhat broken by mountain pneumonia, and he had drifted back to live in a milder country for a. National Corpus of Polish. She has gone on holiday category escort sicilia catania her husband to try to patch up their marriage. However, the problematic units of meaning in each learner's writing are so diverse that conventional corpora often prove futile. Computer dictionary English French. Please add a comment.

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  • Broken is also an adjective.
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Computer dictionary Spanish English. What does '' mean to you? Broken Theory Chemical hair straightening works basically the same way, except the hair is held straight after the sulfur bonds are broken so that new sulfur bonds form in the straight shape.

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References in classic literature. Log in to comment on this word. Varying abruptly, as in pitch: broken sobs. The phrase is a metaphor clearly...