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facebook asking locked users provide government

Here is a guide on how to unlock Facebook account. Hope this would help any Facebook user to recover from “Temporarily Locked Facebook Account”. Facebook ask me to provide original Government issued ID to get.
Earlier this year, Instagram and Facebook users were confused when they were locked out of accounts and then asked to provide a copy of.
i can't access my account facebook gives me a government issue id i can't provide any govenment issue id but Asked about 2 years ago by Yameen Ahmad...

Facebook asking locked users provide government expedition Seoul

Look man I didn't sign up for face to get locked out. It's like living we are all living in a dictatorship. BestBuy has them for improved clor and temperature inn order tto keepp your gadget is swifter than its older versions until they tuurn obsolete. The mass lock-out of users is not the first on Facebook. I was not aware that business page can be created without actually creating a profile.
facebook asking locked users provide government

Tour: Facebook asking locked users provide government

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  • They want a copy of my government issued photo ID to verify my identity. No comment, I'd take the risk of being spotted : The worst, or just after, in this NSAgate, is the fact it will give legitimacy to all paranoiacs on the Web, and there are perhaps as many as their counterparts, the naive.

Facebook ID Verification issue..

Facebook asking locked users provide government travel cheap

My first name is is real in FB which is stated On my ID. Athough I have used my FB account as a business contact for my business and have made a very ernest attempt at staying nuetral on political and current events. After getting this email i tried hard to login but failed with the same error that your account is temporarily locked, please help to verify us by providing your Government issued ID. Have a great day! In the end he is without a FB account, but the funny thing is he gets notifications from FB saying he has pokes, friends posted, you missed all this crap. I have updated lots of new thing in my article which will help you to resolve the issue.