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I just married an American citizen. (I'm so excited.) Now what? How do I get my green card? Congratulations. Obtaining your permanent residency based on.
There are several marriage based green card options for persons already in the U.S. depending upon marriage either to a U.S. citizen or legal permanent.
What follows are the basic steps to obtaining U.S. citizenship through marriage, which generally include first becoming a permanent resident (green card holder).

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Naming Your Business Additional Business Services Tax, Licenses and Permits Running Your Business. Because spouses of U. Answer a few questions online and an attorney from our participating law firm will contact you about your specific situation. That means not only that it is recognized by law, but that, for instance, neither person is underage or is already married to someone else. When can I apply for U.

In some states, the information on this website may be considered a lawyer referral service. It is for technical and billing issues. But this is where additional complications arrive for some applicants. It's not like missing jury duty is a. When You Can Apply for Citizenship. Proof of Family Relationship. Although a green card through marriage to a U. What if we are both students and not working at the time being? OTHER EVIDENCE THAT YOU ARE LIVING AT THE SAME ADDRESS for example, a letter from the landlord or neighbors that attests to the fact that you are really married, make sure the letters contain the declarant's address and phone number. If so, we'll give you some helpful information on how to prepare.

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Naming Your Business Additional Business Services Tax, Licenses and Permits Running Your Business. Tips on Hiring Lawyers. Generally a foreign spouse that is already in the U. Even if you are now illegal in the U.

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