How To Change Cursor On Mac Step By Step [2023]

How to replace the default cursor in macOS

A complete guide on how to change cursor on Mac. Standard pointers in the Apple operating system change extremely rarely and there is no way to replace the cursor with an alternative one.

A small block of parameters allows you to set only a few settings for the current cursor design. Now we will fix this problem with the help of third-party software.

How to change cursor on Mac in system settings

This feature appeared only in the current macOS Monterey, but there are not so many customization options here.

To customize the cursor, do the following:

  •  Go to System Preferences – Accessibility.
  •  Find the Monitor section in the sidebar.
  • Switch to the Index tab.

Here you can choose the appropriate cursor size, and set the main color and outline color of the pointer. For many users, this customization is enough, but if you want to completely replace the system cursor, go to the next section of the instructions.

How to change the cursor on Mac using third-party software

◈ Download the free Mousecape app from GitHub.

◈ Extract the utility from the archive and move it to the Programs folder.

◈ Run the application and install a special add-on through the menu bar Mousecape – Install Helper Tool.

◈ Download a pack of different themes from this site ( VPN may be required for access ).

◈ Open all *.cape files from the downloaded archive in the Mousecape application.

◈ Find and apply a suitable cursor theme.

You can create your themes and edit existing ones for maximum customization of the cursor in macOS.

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