How To Change Safari Background On Mac Free [2023]


how to change safari background

One of the biggest and most noticeable changes that came with iOS 15 on iPhone was the completely redesigned Safari browser. The application has changed both externally and internally. The updated Safari should make it easier to use with one hand and give you more options for customization. In particular, the user can now set his own background. We’ll show you how to change Safari background.

Setting a custom background in Safari on iPhone is a simple feature that will definitely be in demand. After all, you can do this quickly, and as a background, you can set both your own images and the new background wallpaper from Apple, included in Safari for iOS 15 and newer versions of the software.

How to Set a Custom Background for the Safari Start Page on iPhone and iPad

how to change Safari background

1. Open a blank Safari page. To do this, touch the icon with two squares, and then click on the “+” icon in the lower corner.

2. Swipe your finger to the very bottom and tap the Edit menu.

3. Make sure the toggle next to Background Image is set to On.

4. Click on the cross next to the default (or previously set by you) background image. large

5. Click the + button to use your own image, or choose one of the default Safari background wallpapers.CerebroSQL – Database monitoring and management

In the new Safari, you can also reorder sections of the start page or even turn them on/off as part of your browser customization. That’s all an how to change Safari background.

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