How To Change Your Homepage On Mac With Easy Procedure For Free [2023]


how to change your homepage on mac

The wonderful Safari browser on Mac OS X uses the Apple page as its default home page. Let’s see how to change your homepage on Mac.

Steps to changing the home page

how to change your homepage on mac

Open the Safari browser settings, to do this, open the browser itself and click  Cmd +, In the settings window, go to the General tab. Here we are primarily interested in the following options: Open in new windowsOpen in new tabs, and Home page.

I set the first two items to  Top Sites. This means that Safari will always show Top Sites in new tabs and windows. In fact, they will be the home page.


You can set the home page address to whatever you want. But if we’ve set it to always open Top Sites, then why do we need to set the home page address? In fact, you can always go to the home page by pressing the Shift +  Cmd +  combination in any tab H.

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