How To Connect Bluetooth In Windows 7 Step By Step [2023]

How to turn on Bluetooth on a Windows 7 laptop

Welcome to the guide about how to connect Bluetooth in Windows 7. Even though every modern smartphone, tablet, laptop, and so on is equipped with a WiFi adapter, it is still easier to connect via Bluetooth. If we need to transfer some small files or connect a wireless headset, then Bluetooth is a more convenient solution. How to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 7, 8, or 10 laptops?

It is worth noting that before proceeding to the answer to the main question, how to connect Bluetooth in Windows 7, you should prepare the radio module for work.

To get started, you can read a brief instruction on how to connect Bluetooth in Windows 7 on a laptop:

  1. Install Bluetooth driver;
  2. After the new hardware appears in the device manager, press Start + R at the same time;
  3. In the dialog box that opens, enter MMC devmgmt. MSc and press “Enter”;
  4. Expand the branch “Bluetooth radio module”;
  5. Right-click on the Bluetooth name and click “Enable”.

Preparing equipment for work

The preparation process includes:

  • Installing drivers.
  • Installing additional utilities.

The fact is that without the appropriate drivers, Bluetooth will not work in the Windows 7 operating system. Where can I get them? Each laptop comes with a software CD. If there is no such disk, then the necessary software can be found on the official website of the laptop manufacturer.

If you are using an external Bluetooth adapter, then you need to know its full name, which is indicated on the package, to find the right software.

After you install the driver, your Windows 7 computer will detect new hardware that you can see in Device Manager. You can open the service as follows:

  1. Press the Start+R keys at the same time.
  2. In the dialog box that opens, write mmc devmgmt. MSc and press “Enter”.
  3. We click on the Radio module “Bluetooth” and “Network adapters”. We open them and see the full name of the adapter that is installed on the computer.

Additional utilities are required to work with the adapter. They allow you to connect to devices wirelessly.

So, the preparation is completed, and you can proceed to the question of how to enable Bluetooth on a computer with Windows 7.

Where to find Bluetooth on Windows 7

HWindowsow to connect Bluetooth in Windows 7? Everything is very simple. As mentioned above, it is displayed in the device manager.

  • Click on the “Start” button and click on the link “Control Panel”
  • In the Control Panel, find “Device Manager” – follow the link.
  • In the window that opens, look for “Bluetooth radios”. Right-click on the inscription and select “Enable”
  • You can also turn it off there. Right-click and select “Disable”

Another way to turn on wireless on a laptop is to press a special key.

On different models, this key may be located in different places. As a rule, it is combined with the inclusion of a WiFi module. The button has a corresponding designation. If it is combined with a key, for example, F2, F5, F10, or some other, then before pressing it, press and hold the “Fn” button.

It is worth noting that after installing the drivers, the wireless adapter icon will appear in the system tray (the area in the lower right corner of the desktop). If you right-click on it, a control menu will appear which you can turn off or turn on the radio.

Now you know how to connect Bluetooth in Windows 7, 8, or 10 laptop, or other operating system. But how to connect devices to it?

How to connect a Bluetooth device

How to connect Bluetooth in Windows 7 to other devices via Bluetooth?

  1. To do this, right-click on the corresponding icon in the system tray. In the menu that appears, select “Add Devices”.
  2. Next, the system will start searching for available connections and give you a list. It remains only to select the desired connection and click “Next”. For several years in a row, I, an experienced confectioner, have been working not only with the preparation of cakes, pastries, and other familiar desserts. In my practice, now a popular French delicacy, famous all over the world, is called macaroon.

Lviv and the institutions of the city do not lag behind other countries in the production of an incredible dessert. Lviv macaroons are amazing in that they have a variety of flavors – absolutely everything you can imagine.

The appearance of the macaron is an elegant small cake (cookie) made in any color range from light shades to black, from muted colors to bright saturated ones. After that, follow the prompts on the screen. It is worth noting that if you want to connect to a laptop from a tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth, then you need to enable discovery.

3. To do this, again click on the corresponding icon in the Windows 7 tray, and select “Open     Settings”. Here, in the “Settings” tab, check the box “Allow devices to discover this computer”.

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