How To Connect GoPro To Phone A step By Step Guide [2023]

How to connect a GoPro to your Android phone

This article will guide you on how to connect Gopro to phone. There are many good reasons to pair a GoPro with your Android phone, and pairing your two devices is a fairly straightforward process that anyone using a GoPro will want to do. Set it up right out of the box and use your phone to easily record, edit or share your latest GoPro videos.

How to connect a GoPro to your Android phone

  1. Download the GoPro app from the Google Play Store. Open the store and search for ” GoPro ” to find the app. It’s free, but it has an in-app purchase option.

  2. After the app is downloaded and installed on your Android device, you need to connect your GoPro camera to your device. press mode on your GoPro to select the camera setup menu.

  3. Depending on your GoPro model, you can select either Pair or Links to pair through the GoPro app.

    You can pair via a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. Wi-Fi is the best pairing option because it’s faster, more stable, and more secure, but Bluetooth can also be useful because it allows devices to stay connected even when there’s no Wi-Fi signal.

  4. On your Android device, open the GoPro app. Find your GoPro in the app and tap to pair them together. You will be prompted to enter a code that is displayed on the GoPro’s screen.

Why connect an Android device to a GoPro?

Once the two devices are paired together, you can control your GoPro from your phone. You’ll be able to see what your GoPro sees, set it to start and stop, and control the different modes it shoots in.

The quality of the video on your Android will be reduced, but when you view the actual video file, the quality will be at the same level you are used to on the GoPro. The beauty of understanding how to connect Gopro to phone.

You can also easily upload, edit and share your GoPro videos through the app. Play around with the options in the Media section of the app to see what you can do with it after understanding how to connect Gopro to phone.

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