How To Draw A House 3D Masterful Guide For Free [2023]

A program for how to draw a house 3D and apartments

Hello dear reader! In this article, we will consider a useful and indispensable program for those who need to design their apartment or house, a program for how to draw a house 3D.

At the final stage, our project will be a 3D apartment or house with windows, doors, arches, and even furniture! Yes, in any color you want.

This program is called Dom-3D.

Advantages of the Dom-3D program:

  1. Free!
  2. With its capabilities, it has a very small weight! Only 41 megabytes.
  3. The official website of the program is in Russian, which means help and support.

Dom-3D program

You can download the Dom-3D program from the official website  HERE, where you will also find program help and support.

Now let me introduce you to getting started with the Dom-3D program and how to draw a house 3D. I will not lie that everything is very easy, the program requires a small basic skill to work. But the necessary skill is easily acquired either by the method of scientific poke or on YouTube (YouTube) there are a lot of video tutorials on working with the Dom-3D program. After watching 1-2 lessons, you will be able to confidently start creating your project.

Let’s go further on how to draw a house 3D…. We downloaded the installation file on the official website, run it, and go through the three-step, familiar installation.

After installing the program, we will have a shortcut to the program on our desktop, click on it, and run the program.

The main window of the Dom-3D program appears before us. The program has a rather unsightly interface, in the best traditions of Windows 98

While the window is empty, after a couple of clicks, the walls of the door and window will already appear in your project. To do this, in the left part of the main window, select the wall icon as in the screenshot below, indicated by the arrow:

After clicking on the Walls icon, on a dark background, using the mouse, click where we will have the beginning of the first wall, move the mouse to the side and click with the mouse where the wall should end. Thus, we draw all the walls and partitions.

When the box is ready, in the same field with icons, select the following elements for our room or floor.

Take a closer look at the icons, and there you will see stairs, doors, windows, chests of drawers, and much more. Don’t be afraid, click, try, experiment!

Final take

As a result, we will get a box with windows, doors, and everything else, as well as showing the dimensions:

You can also use the mouse to scroll and view your project in 3D space. Hope you have enjoyed the essential guide on how to draw a house in 3D.

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