How To Keep Mouse Moving On Personal Computer [2023]

 Simulate user activity – How to keep mouse moving

I understand you are here to have the know-how to keep mouse moving. Surely one of you had to deal with an unpleasant situation when Windows, in your absence, started installing updates, interrupted a remote session, or sent the computer to sleep, thereby disrupting the workflow. If for some reason it is impossible to change the parameters of its behavior during the absence of users, Move Mouse will help out.

Move Mouse is used to simulate the user’s presence at the computer by moving the mouse cursor and pressing its buttons. In addition, it can be used to launch some programs and execute commands or PowerShell scripts. The utility can be activated manually or automatically, in the absence of user activity and on schedule, the same applies to the termination of specified operations.

Additional options are available for each of the program’s arsenal operations, allowing you to set the distance and direction of mouse movement, select a button, the click of which will be simulated, specify arguments for the command, or hide the console window. All actions can be repeated (with a custom pause) or performed once.

In addition to auto-stop and auto-start, which we have already mentioned, in the Move Mouse behavior settings, there is an option to automatically change the volume of the sound, hide the program window from the desktop, buttons, and icons from the taskbar, thumbnails from the Alt + Tab dialog box and overwrite the title. The last option will help hide traces of her presence and use it on the computer if someone needs it.

You can set up a schedule for activating actions using the simplest scheduler, which allows you to select the day of the week and the time to start or stop the program, or a more advanced one that supports entering Cron expressions. According to the schedule, the Move Mouse can also suspend its activities, and the duration of the “blackout” also changes.

The program is distributed free of charge, only one interface language is available in the current version – English. You can use Move Mouse on Windows 10 computers and tablets. After the program was published in the Windows Store, the developer refused to distribute it through other sources. Hope you have enjoyed the guide on how to keep mouse moving.

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