How To Reset Safari 9 On Mac With Precise Steps Updated [2023]


how to reset safari 9

How to reset Safari 9? If you use a computer that is shared or publicly available, it is recommended that you reset Safari at the end of your work to prevent other users from accessing the websites you have visited or other information about your browsing experience.

Attention: plug-ins are often installed on the computer – small programs that perform various additional functions, such as playing media files. Some plugins store information about the sites you visit. This information is not deleted when you reset Safari, so even after a reset, you can find data on your computer that can be used to view the websites you have visited.

How to reset Safari 9

how to reset safari 9

  1. Choose Action menu > Reset Safari. (The action menu is located in the upper right corner of the Safari window and is a gear icon.) Deselect the items you do not want to reset.
  2. Clear History: Clears the list of visited web pages.
  3. Reset Top Sites: Reverts all changes made to the Top Sites list, such as adding and pinning sites. The Top Sites page will return to displaying the thumbnails that were displayed when Safari 4 was originally installed.
  4. Delete all website previews: Deletes all previewed website thumbnails created by Safari.
  5. Clear Cache: Clears the temporary storage folder on your computer where Safari saves the web pages you view. The cache speeds up the loading of web pages
  6. Clear Downloads Window: Clears the list of files downloaded from websites. Only names are removed; the files are still on the disk until you delete them.
  7. Delete All Cookies: Deletes cookies stored by websites on your computer.
  8. Remove all web icons: Removes website icons, which are small graphics that help you recognize websites on the Internet. You can see them in the address bar and Safari bookmarks list, among other places. These icons are stored on your computer.

Delete Saved Names and Passwords:

Deletes usernames and passwords that Safari automatically enters on websites that require authorization (when autofill is enabled).

10. Remove Web Form Autofill Text: Removes personal information, such as phone numbers, that Safari uses to automatically fill out forms on websites (when autofill is enabled). Deleting autofill form texts does not delete information from the Address Book.

11. Close all windows in Safari: If you don’t close all Safari windows, the Back and Forward buttons will allow someone else to view the web pages you’ve opened.

12. Click Reload. Open windows will close and a new window will open. In the new window, the list of files for the “Back” and “Forward” buttons will be different.

Along with deleting information saved from your last browsing session, resetting Safari deletes all cookies, saved passwords, and autofill information. Cookies stored by other programs may also be deleted. The above information is essential for Safari users looking for how to reset Safari 9.

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