How To Screen Mirror On Hisense TV Ultimate Guide [2023]

A Complete Guide on How to screen mirror on Hisense TV

Welcome to an ultimate guide on how to screen mirror on Hisense TV. What should be included to be considered the best Smart TV? The answer should be that the device is multifunctional. So Hisense Roku TV is the most affordable high-quality smart TV you can purchase to easily display, watch and stream online content.

Despite its strengths, many users doubt the device’s ability to mirror the screen on other devices such as how to screen mirror on Hisense TV, iPhones, Android, and PC. That is why we created this article. Therefore, we will reveal his power that needed to be revealed. Keep reading because we will teach you how Hisense Roku TV Screen Mirroring works on said devices.

Part 1. How to Mirror Screen to Hisense Roku TV with iPhone, Android, and PC

But before you proceed with the guide below on how to screen mirror on Hisense TV, you must set up your Hisense TV and turn on the feature that will make it possible to watch the screencast. Go to your Home and open Settings. Then click “System” and the screen mirroring option will appear. Change the mode to Prompt or Always.

1. iPhone mirror screen

With Airplay, you can easily mirror the Hisense Roku TV screen on your iPhone. If you are an iPhone user, this guide is for you only.

Step 1:
Always connect your TV and iOS to the same network.
Step 2:
To connect iOS to Hisense Roku TV, go to Control Center and find Screen Mirroring. If you can’t find it, open Settings, go to Control Center and select Screen Mirroring.
Step 3:

After a few seconds of scanning, tap the device name on the list and connect your iPhone to your Hisense Roku TV.

2. Android mirror screen

Screen mirroring on Hisense Smart TV with Android devices is quite easy. However, some versions of Android do not support screen mirroring features, so many users are looking for a way to mirror Android screens to TV using third-party apps lately. But today you don’t have to download the app because there is a portable way to do it. Follow the instructions below to see how it works.

Step 1:

Connect your TV and Android phones to the same wireless LAN because this method won’t work otherwise.

Step 2:

Go to phone Settings, tap the search bar, and type “Broadcast Screen” to open it. If it doesn’t show up, try Wireless Display, Screen Mirror, Smart View, Wireless Projection, or Smart Cast as their names are different for each version of Android. Keep in mind that the screencast is only available on the latest version of Android phones.

Step 3:

Now that you have opened the built-in screencast, select the Hisense Roku TV name, select “Always accept” or “Accept”, then the phone screen will be mirrored on the TV screen.

3. PC mirror screen

Most PCs have a screen mirroring feature, and if you want to make the most of this feature, you can cast every action on your PC to your TV without the need for HDMI – just an internet connection and a guide we added. If you are ready to learn how to mirror the Hisense Roku TV screen on a PC, please read the guide below.

Step 1:

At the bottom of the Windows screen, tap the text bubble icon to open the Action Center.

Step 2:

Select the Search Engine button. If you can’t find it, click the pen button, add all the necessary shortcuts you want to add here, and click “Done” to save all the shortcut features you added.

Step 3:

A list of devices will appear on the Windows screen. Touch the name of the TV you want to connect to and you will be prompted on your TV. Select “Accept” to mirror your PC screen to the TV.

Bonus: Best Way to Mirror iPhone and Android Phones Easily on PC Screens

If you are looking for a way to mirror Android phones to PC screens, what is the best tool in the market to download? When a user like you needs to mirror iOS or Android to PC, don’t settle for less and choose the best Aiseesoft Phone Mirror. The application offers two ways to connect a mobile phone to a PC: a wireless connection and a USB cable. Even though they are not the same process, their screen mirroring prowess is the best and you can even record the screen while mirroring.

In addition to this, you can also use the shortcut keys that are added on the right side after you start mirroring to access features with fewer taps. For those who wish to use or download the free version of the app, you can do so by clicking on the appropriate download button below.

Part 2. FAQ of How Hisense Roku TV Screen Mirroring Works

How much does Hisense Roku TV cost?

Most Hisense Roku TVs cost between $132.98 and $1098, depending on which version of the TV you purchase. Choosing the latest version of Hisense Roku TV will allow you to do more than its previous version.

Is Hisense Roku TV the best smart TV?

The competition for the best smart TV is too high because they are all the best in their area of ​​expertise. But if you’re looking for an affordable full-featured TV with 4K quality, then Hisense Roku TV will meet all your needs.

Does Hisense Roku TV need internet?

It is possible to use Hisense Roky TV without internet connection; however, there are many limitations since this TV is not your traditional TV that does not depend on the Internet. But it’s still possible if you want to use the TV without internet.

Why should I not choose Hisense Roku TV?

Quality control is a serious problem when viewing from the other side of the screen. This will result in the display of invalid content. For those who want this advanced technology, you will need to buy a more expensive smart TV like Samsung or something similar. If you don’t mind, buying this TV is the best choice.


How to screen mirror on Hisense TV is not a difficult task that anyone can do. Suppose you are an Android, iOS, or PC user and you want to display your device screen on a larger device such as a TV; follow the instructions and set up your TV is what you need to do now. For users who want to display their Android or iOS screen on a PC, please download the app we introduced in the bonus part. We hope that the guide we added will help you complete your requirements and mirror on Hisense Roku TV.

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